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Treat Yourself to a Raspberry Pi Zero W

The launch of the Raspberry Pi Zero W (RBPiZW) by the Raspberry Pi Foundation recently has added two features many fans of the RBPi have been requesting for a long time. The two features, built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, added to the wonderful RBPi Zero have improved the functionality of the tiny single board computer. After all, the RBPiZW is only a variant of the RBPi Zero, and therefore, does not merit a full length, in depth review. However, we will focus on the new features the RBPiZW brings Read more [...]

PiRyte Mini ATX PSU: Power Your Raspberry Pi

Powering the Single Board Computer, the Raspberry Pi (RBPi) is always simple using the wall-wart type power supply and the micro-USB cable. However, there is always the possibility of accidentally shutting off power to the RBPi without going through the proper shutdown sequence. As the RBPi relies on its micro SD card to store its Operating System and working files, a sudden loss of power is sure to corrupt them and render the RBPi incapable of rebooting in the next session. Additionally, you Read more [...]

How Vulnerable is your Raspberry Pi

The IoT revolution has brought with it many Internet-connected computing devices, including several Single Board Computers, such as the Raspberry Pi (RBPi), going beyond the traditional mobile devices, laptops, desktops, and servers. It is common to see on the network devices such as Internet radio, refrigerators, thermostats, DVRs, and TVs, apart from SBCs such as the RBPi. As projects rush towards completion, Internet security is ignored, resulting in severe consequences—this is applicable Read more [...]

NanoPI NEO Challenges the Raspberry Pi

If you were looking for Raspberry Pi (RBPi) alternative, the NanoPi NEO would be a good fit. For a starting price of about $7, and measuring just 1.6x1.6 inches, it is smaller than the smallest RBPi Zero W, and is equally capable of running Linux. At its basic price, the RAM it carries is 256 MB. However, for a couple of dollars more, there is another version available and it has 512 MB RAM on it. The best thing about this tiny challenger to the RBPiZW is the bunch of accessories available. This Read more [...]

Orange Pi 2G-IoT Challenges the Raspberry Pi

If you are looking for an alternative for the ubiquitous Raspberry Pi (RBPi) or one of its siblings, give the Orange Pi 2G-IoT a second look. The Shenzhen-based maker of the Orange Pi developer board has made this one to rival the RBPiZW, the RBPi Zero W. The Orange Pi 2G-IoT is a new design for a single board computer, available for sale of AliExpress. The device can run Android, Debian, Ubuntu, or Raspbian. It gives builders a 2G antenna to run applications for the Internet of Things, and that Read more [...]

RS485 & Raspberry Pi: Monitoring Power

Commercial data centers, lighting controls, utility rooms for buildings, and others need to keep a tab on their power consumption. The normal way to do this is by using electronic voltage meters and multi-branch current monitoring circuits. Vytas Sinkevicius wants to monitor power consumption using the ubiquitous single board computer, the Raspberry Pi (RBPi) as the main controller and the RS485 interface in a Branch Current Monitor (BCM) system. The heart of the power monitoring system is an Read more [...]

Orange Pi Prime – Another Rival for the Raspberry Pi 3

There is another Orange Pi among the branches of the highly productive Orange Pi tree belonging to Shenzhen Xunlong. This is the Orange Pi Prime—another rival to the most popular Raspberry Pi 3 (RBPi3). According to the year-end Linux hacker SBC roundup, half a dozen individual Orange Pi models were already existing, and if all the new variants are to be included, that number almost doubles. Proceeding at this rate, the company’s engineers will have checked out almost all possible combinations Read more [...]

Is there a 64-bit Raspberry Pi?

Although the arrival of the Raspberry Pi 3 (RBPi3) heralded a huge speed boost for the Linux hacker board, this $35, wireless-enabled single board computer did not signal a switch over to 64-bit ARM computing. Even though the hardware, following so many other SBCs at the time, was 64 bits, the default Linux distribution from the Raspberry Pi Foundation is still 32-bit. Eventually, there will be a changeover to 64-bit ARM firmware, as the technology offers significant improvements in performance. Read more [...]

Extending IoT with the Raspberry Pi

Recently, the Raspberry Foundation has updated its embedded Compute Module with a faster ARM processor. This will help developers and businesses build new IoT devices. The new Compute Module 3 (CM3) comes with a powerful new option and embedded compute capabilities for device makers interested in the Internet of Things (IoT). Although not to be confused with the Single Board Computer, the Raspberry Pi (RBPi), with which the CM3 also shared the latest update, is a tiny form-factor ARM-powered SBC Read more [...]

A Raspberry Pi DAC for the Audiophiles

Raspberry Pi (RBPi) users have several choices for using Digital to Analog Converters (DACs) when listening to music. Two of the latest DACs available in the market are discussed here. One of them is the DragonFly series from AudioQuest and the other is i-Sabre from Audiophonics. Both offer stronger and more meaningful connections between music enthusiasts and the albums, songs, videos, and artists they adore. DragonFly USB DAC, Preamp, and Headphone Amplifier The multi-award-winning DragonFly Read more [...]