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Rubber Feet – How to Apply Self-Adhesive Rubber Bumpers

Many customers have asked about the best way to apply self-adhesive rubber feet to surfaces so that they are properly applied…and stay on the intended surfaces.

Here are the recommended application instructions:

    • Clean the surface where you will be applying the rubber feet. It should be dry and free of debris, oils and solvents. In addition, the ideal surface for rubber feet application is smooth and non-porous. You can use a mild solvent such as isopropyl alcohol to remove dirt or grease.
    • Grasp the rubber bumper on the sides without touching the adhesive.
    • Press the rubber bumper firmly into place on the application surface. The rubber foot can not be repositioned without effecting the adhesive.
    • For best results, allow 24 hours before exposing the rubber feet to heavy force or weight. This allows the adhesive on the rubber feet enough time to ‘cure’.

Besides following the above instructions when applying the rubber feet, it is important to keep the rubber feet (both storage and use) at a temperature that is between 70° – 80°F (21° – 27°C).