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Rubber Feet : features and applications

Rubber feet have many different features and applications for the home, the workshop or in the manufacturing process. Here are some common features of the rubber bumpers that West Florida Components has on hand: low abrasion superb skid resistance easy to apply - just peel and stick does not stain or mar can absorb shocks and vibrations crack resistant is recognized by UL You can use adhesive rubber feet in many different applications. Some of the most common are: Sound dampening Read more [...]

Screw-on rubber feet – newly expanded product line!

We're listening! You requested a bigger selection, we got them! West Florida Components has now expanded their line of recessed bumpers. Recessed bumpers are also known as screw-on rubber feet and cabinet feet. The rubber feet can be used in a variety of applications from electronic equipment to woodworking or carpentry and furniture. Where ever you require a rubber foot with a screw, these new rubber feet can be used. Check the specs on each foot for the sizes, recommended screw size and weight Read more [...]

Round, Cylindrical or Hemispherical: Rubber Feet Dilemma Solved

You need some rubber feet but don't know what shape to buy? Look no further. Here is the information you need. Do you want the top of the self-adhesive rubber feet to have a flat surface? You should choose a cylindrical rubber foot. Cylindrical rubber feet are basically shaped like a coin....flat top, and flat bottom. They are perfect for situations where you need to use them between two flat surfaces. Some suggested uses are for the back of pictures and art hung on the wall; for kitchen and Read more [...]

Rubber Feet – How to Apply Self-Adhesive Rubber Bumpers

Many customers have asked about the best way to apply self-adhesive rubber feet to surfaces so that they are properly applied...and stay on the intended surfaces. Here are the recommended application instructions: Clean the surface where you will be applying the rubber feet. It should be dry and free of debris, oils and solvents. In addition, the ideal surface for rubber feet application is smooth and non-porous. You can use a mild solvent such as isopropyl alcohol to remove dirt or Read more [...]

All About Self-Adhesive Rubber Feet

Self-adhesive rubber feet, also known as bumpers or bumpons, are a versatile product that can be used in many different ways around the house and workshop.The self-adhesive glue will stick to most surfaces including glass, wood, metals and plastics. In the home, you can use rubber feet as dampers to cushion the closing action of cabinet doors or drawers in your kitchen, bathrooms and laundry rooms. The rubber bumpers will protect your expensive cabinet doors and drawers from hitting the frame Read more [...]