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What are WAN, LAN and DNS?

For those setting up a network at home to interconnect computers, it is important to know some technical jargon used in this field. Knowing the basics of home-networking makes it easier to read up and understand how actually computers talk to each other. Broadly speaking, computer communication is achieved in two ways – with wired networks and wireless networks. In this article, we will discuss wired networking. Wired networking in the home refers to a number of devices connected together using Read more [...]

When Does A Small Business Need A Server?

If your small business uses more than one computer to manage its business, you may be ready to upgrade to a small server to efficiently run your business. Keep in mind that adding a server to your business is not a huge expense - in fact you can get started by putting an unused desktop computer to work, but the rewards go beyond the financial concerns. Here's how to recognize the signs that it's time for you to invest in a server for your small business. - Has your business grown beyond Read more [...]