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Solar & LEDS: Tech company’s new and improved business model

Applied Materials announced this week that it was planning a major restructuring of it's business. The goal? To place a "primary emphasis" on LEDS and crystalline silicon solar panel technology. This restructuring would effect the bottom line of the company in many ways including the elimination of 400 - 500 jobs and the closing of their thin-film solar technology lab among other plans. The future of Applied Material's solar technology would focus on the crystalline silicon solar product development Read more [...]

Deal Alert! 50W Solar Panels Prices Slashed!

Don't you wish you could save some money heating your house? Here's a super deal you won't want to pass up. If you've been waiting to start building a solar energy system, you're in luck. We are offering our 50W Mono-Crystalline Solar Panels at a outrageously low price of $299.99. We only have 6 4 left, so don't delay! We expect the 50W solar panels to sell out quickly at this price. We're trying to get more, but we can not be sure we will be able to. Multiple 50W Solar panels can be connected Read more [...]

Solar Energy in China: Here Comes the Sun

Growing demand for renewable energy sources has skyrocketed all over the world, but no where is this more evident than in China. Take a look at the city of Rizhao where miles of dark tubing cover the roofs of apartment buildings and private homes. The reason? Using solar powered hot water heaters is mandatory in Rizhao. In fact, due to requirements such as this one, China has become the largest producer (and consumer of) solar hot-water heaters. Rizhao's commitment to solar energy is deep: it Read more [...]

Choosing Batteries for a Solar Energy System

When putting together a solar energy system, like any other project, having the proper parts and tools for the job is paramount to overall success. With quality components and a little bit of know how, you can design and install your very own solar energy system whether for dedicated appliance use or as a complete replacement for conventional electric energy. Choosing the right parts is a big step in the process, and once you've decided which type of solar panels to use and how many you'll need, Read more [...]

Solar Panels for Boats

Solar panels can easily be installed and utilized on boats for power. There is very little maintenance required to keep them in working condition and if properly installed, the solar panels should last 10 years or more. The first decision is what kind of solar panels to buy. The most efficient option are mono-crystalline solar panels. Not only are they efficient, they are the most widely available. You might also consider using poly-crystalline panels which are slightly less efficient as the mono-crystalline Read more [...]

Grounding Wire in Your Solar Energy System

As they become increasingly popular among both homeowners and businesses, solar energy systems are helping to create a world full with the possibilities of clean, renewable energy. The efficiency, affordability, and environmentally friendliness of solar panels and accessories are a far cry from the costly, wasteful, and polluting methods of power generation traditionally used to secure energy for the booming population around the world. But this innovative technology is not without its perils, Read more [...]

New Uses for Solar Energy: Solar Powered Gadgets

A few decades ago, you might have noticed solar panels when driving through rural areas on a radio tower, or perhaps you'd seen them in use at a scientific research facility or on images of the international space station. These days, it seems like solar panels are popping up everywhere, with many modern homeowners opting to trade in their expensive and inefficient electricity bills for clean, environmentally conscientious solar energy that requires virtually no maintenance and significantly Read more [...]

Solar Energy Basics

How Solar Energy Works Solar energy is a relatively new field of study in terms of practical application, but its existence and effect on our planet is as old as the Earth itself. The sun undergoes a never-ending series of light and heat producing reactions, comprising and sustaining its fiery mass while radiating these products outward. While some of this radiation is reflected back into space by the upper reaches of our atmosphere, a significant portion passes through and touches the Read more [...]

Solar Energy Systems – Are They Right For You?

Solar energy systems, once reserved for massive industrial and agricultural operations, have seen dramatic developments in efficacy and accessibility over the past few years, allowing business owners, building planners, and homeowners to incorporate these important pieces of green technology into their everyday lives. Far from being a second-best energy option or merely comprising a fashionable way to power a space, solar energy systems present excellent solutions for entrepreneurs and consumers Read more [...]

Solar Energy is Hot!

Solar radiation, as well as other solar resources like wind power, wave power and hydroelectricity make up over 99% of the renewable energy sources available to us. Amazing! I remember reading about google's goal of installing enough solar panels to generate electricity for 50,000 homes. They have made a real commitment to investing in renewable energy resources. Imagine if we each made JUST ONE home appliance solar powered? We can start small - like a solar powered I-Pod charger or some solar Read more [...]