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Conducting Elastic Fibers for Artificial Muscles and Electronic Devices

A study at the Dallas based University of Texas shows how scientists have wrapped electrically conducting carbon nanotube sheets around a rubber core to create super elastic fibers. In addition, these fibers conduct electricity and have some special electronic properties as well. The elasticity of the fibers is phenomenal. They can be more than 14 times longer than their original lengths by stretching and the process is reversible. The fibers regain their initial lengths once the stretching force Read more [...]

SOLI: The Final Interface is Your Hands

Finally, it is time to say good-bye to buttons and touchscreens. You need only wave your hands in thin air for controlling your gadgets. This game changer is a breakthrough from Google and is its project Soli. Soli makes it a thing of past to hit incorrect keys with your thumbs and you can conveniently forget swiping screens. The new gesture technology from Google is very precise and allows working on the smallest of displays. Soli has small chips generating invisible radar to recognize finger Read more [...]

SSD, Magnetic or Hybrid Drives

Earlier, when we did not have much of a choice, PC storage options were limited to the largest capacity hard disk drive one could afford. Those days are long gone and today the average customer has to juggle between selecting different types of storage media apart from their capacity. Although it is fairly important to select the most optimum storage medium for a specific application, each of the drive types has their own advantages and disadvantages. Magnetic hard disk drives have long been the Read more [...]

The latest in wireless charging technology

Although battery technology has improved many times over, mobile devices remain always hungry for power, thanks to the demands from always-on wireless, GPS, hi-performance audio and video along with the ever-increasing applications and nearly constant use of the mobile devices. People are looking for more convenient and accessible ways of charging their mobile gadgets. That has led to the availability of wireless charging systems, where one needs only to place the mobile device on the charging pad Read more [...]

Are OLEDS better than LEDS?

Chances are, you still own a TV that is bulky, has a picture tube and is kept on a table. Well, with advancing technology, TVs have become slimmer and lighter, can hang on the wall and do not have a bulky picture tube. The new TVs have an LCD or a Liquid Crystal Display in place of the earlier picture tube. Now, unlike the picture tube, LCDs have no light of their own, and have to be lit with a backlight. Until recently, most LCD TVs were backlit with plasma discharge tubes or CCFL lamps. The Read more [...]

Tracking sleep, activity & food – the Jawbone UP app

Imagine being able to track every calorie you burn, every calorie you consume and every minute you are sleeping? We came across the Jawbone UP and are just amazed at the capabilities this app possesses. It needs to be coupled with the UP wristband to function (available on their site for about $129 or on ebay for less than $100). The app is compatible with iPhone and Android. Here's some of the amazing features: Sleep and nap tracking - it tracks your sleep including the amount of light sleep Read more [...]