Monthly Archives: October 2010

Privacy on the internet: Opt out of 60 ad networks almost instantly

Does the average internet user know how much information is collected every time they surf the internet? Probably not. In fact, the staff at West Florida Components is pretty computer savvy and we were shocked to find out that despite our careful surfing habits and monitoring of the computers, we had cookies on all our company computers from 60 ad networks. So, why is this important and what can be done? For one, it's a matter of personal privacy. While the tracking cookies from many web sites Read more [...]

Will a shortage of electronic components hurt holiday sales?

Analysts are wondering if a shortage of electronic components might lead to smaller supplies of smartphones, video game consoles and other personal electronics like MP3 players, which usually sell very well during the holidays. Jason Busch, the founder and Managing Director of advisory firm Azul Partners said “There are a lot of conflicting signals within the supply chain right now. The losers will be consumers who might not get the products they want and manufacturers who will see an impact Read more [...]

IKEA completes solar installation in Tempe; 8 more planned

Yesterday, IKEA announced it had flipped the switch on newly installed dual rooftop solar units at its Tempe, Arizona store. The new system is one of the largest solar systems in the Phoenix area and the third such solar energy system for the Swedish home furnishings retailer; they have similar units already in place in Brooklyn, NY and Pittsburgh, PA. The 300 kW solar energy system will generate 960,000 kWh of electricity annually from 2600 solar panels. It is the equivalent of reducing at least Read more [...]

Survey finds that web users are sloppy with passwords

A new survey commissioned by Webroot confirms that web users are still putting their identities at risk by not employing some simple strategies for password safety and protection. So what did the survey reveal about web users and why are these findings an issue? 40% have shared passwords with at least one person in the past year Sharing passwords with a trusted friend or family member may seem like a non-issue because you trust the person you're sharing it with, but they may leave it lying around Read more [...]

Combining online and offline: the future of cash registers

Hate going shopping in person but don't want to buy everything online? Consider the future of shopping where cash registers will not just be able to ring up your purchases, but be able to tell you what other items would match the sweater you're buying that day....including a review of your past purchases. Love the idea or hate it, that is the future of brick and mortar checkout. Combining the online catalog with a streamlined checkout process, the goal is to help you shop smarter, better and of Read more [...]

The New York Jets are green on and off the field

With the installation of an array of 3000 solar panels, the New York Jets have really set themselves apart from other professional sports teams. Their team headquarters and 120,000 square foot training facility will be powered by the solar panels that will generate an estimated 750,000 kilo-watt hours of electricity. Other sports teams have installed alternative energy systems at their training camps and stadiums, but the system at the Jets facility is the largest to date. The New York Read more [...]