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Goodbye breadboard! Hello Circuit Scribe!

Can you imagine using a rollerball pen and paper to create a fully functional circuit? That day is almost here. The Circuit Scribe works just like a regular ballpoint pen except that it is filled with a special non-toxic conductive silver ink that creates functional hand drawn circuits. The special conductive ink dries instantly. The Circuit Scribe will be a great tool for people who feel overwhelmed with learning about using an actual circuit board. It will also be a great tool for experienced Read more [...]

New product alert – solder guns and soldering irons now in stock!

We hope you're going to be just as excited as we are! West Florida Components is now carrying a line of solder guns and irons! You can choose from a battery operated 15W solder iron  (perfect for marine repairs on in the field projects) all the way up to a 150W dual heat full featured gun. All the electric soldering irons and guns are proudly made in the USA by Wall Lenk Corporation and they are guaranteed for 5 full years. All of the soldering equipment can be used for a wide range of projects, Read more [...]

What is a heatsink?

When current flows through a resistor, part of the electrical energy is converted into heat that gets dissipated into the surroundings. If the heat generated is not quickly removed, it can permanently damage the electronic circuit. Heatsinks are devices that are capable of removing the heat from electronic devices and speedily dissipate it into surroundings. Heatsinks can be passive or active devices. Passive heat sinks consist of fins made generally of aluminum that provide a large Read more [...]

What is Transistor-Transistor-Logic – TTL?

TTL or Transistor-Transistor Logic is a type of digital circuit that is made from BJT or bipolar junction transistor along with resistors. Both the amplifying function and the logic gating function are carried out through transistors, thus the name transistor-transistor logic. TTL is used for many applications like industrial controls, computers consumer electronics, test equipment, synthesizers and more. The TTL designation is also used in some places to imply ‘compatible logic levels’ Read more [...]