It’s TWINS! Customer Project: 6L6 / EL-34 Vacuum Tube Amplifiers

We are always honored when customers share their recent projects with us. Very often they’ll send us pictures of the completed projects where they’ve used electronic components from our web site.

Steve from Peterborough Ontario Canada shared some pictures of his recently completed vacuum tube amplifiers. Steve is one of a handful of folks that can build these from scratch.

We were blown away by the amount of work and the craftsmanship and asked Steve if we could share these with our customers on our web site. You can see the original project photos here:

Custom Vacuum Tube Amplifiers

Below are some new pictures of twin 6L6 / EL-34 amplifiers that Steve just completed…

(Steve – not only were we very impressed by these latest amplifiers, we’re a little jealous that you already have leaves changing color up by you!)

Thanks for these pictures, Steve! Continued success to you!