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Custom Console Stereo

For those of you wanting to hear just how good a custom built vacuum tube amp or console stereo will sound, here's a video from Steve at Custom Tube Art which shows the workmanship of his projects and the quality of the sound. Steve had this to say about his latest project: Here is a 1960's style custom console stereo I built displaying the vacuum tube amplifier right next to the Garrard type A turntable. The 807 tube amplifier has a conservative output of 30 watts per channel and uses 6SN7 and Read more [...]

The Titan – Newest (and biggest) Vacuum Tube Amp from Steve

Just in from our friend Steve W. in Canada (who constructs the most amazing vacuum tube amplifiers)... The best way to describe this next amplifier is it’s a Titan. It has to be the biggest, baddest, heaviest and most powerful amplifier I’ve made to date! Weighing in at just under 60 lbs. this push-pull-parallel EL-34 / 6L6 is conservatively rated at 110 watts per channel using EL-34 tubes. Capable of driving 4 or 8 ohm speakers via a switch on the back panel, this amp is Read more [...]

Custom Tube Amps Are the Best Sounding

Steve White from Canada has been busy building more custom tube amps. Here's a beauty that Steve painted 'caterpillar yellow' Here's what Steve had to say about his latest project: So, here's the new Caterpillar tube amp. Geared to appeal to the heavy machinery crowd. Painted the classic Caterpillar yellow with brilliant white sparkles in the paint. Painted by Joel my painter. This amp is 40 watts per channel. 355vdc on the plates of the 6L6 tubes. Selector switch to Read more [...]

It’s TWINS! Customer Project: 6L6 / EL-34 Vacuum Tube Amplifiers

We are always honored when customers share their recent projects with us. Very often they'll send us pictures of the completed projects where they've used electronic components from our web site. Steve from Peterborough Ontario Canada shared some pictures of his recently completed vacuum tube amplifiers. Steve is one of a handful of folks that can build these from scratch. We were blown away by the amount of work and the craftsmanship and asked Steve if we could share these with our customers Read more [...]