Rubber Feet : features and applications

Rubber feet have many different features and applications for the home, the workshop or in the manufacturing process. Here are some common features of the rubber bumpers that West Florida Components has on hand:

  • low abrasion
  • superb skid resistance
  • easy to apply – just peel and stick
  • does not stain or mar
  • can absorb shocks and vibrations
  • crack resistant
  • is recognized by UL

You can use adhesive rubber feet in many different applications. Some of the most common are:

Sound dampening and spacers for cabinet doors, drawers and lids

For those purposes, these are some of the suggested self-adhesive rubber bumpers to use:

Medium clear cylindrical (round) rubber feet

Small clear cylindrical rubber feet

Medium black hemispherical rubber feet

Small black hemispherical rubber feet

Small clear hemispherical rubber feet

As feet on the bottom of household appliances, office equipment, telephones, scales, clocks, speakers, computers, and other devices

Medium black cylindrical (round) rubber feet

Medium clear hemispherical rubber feet

Large black hemispherical rubber feet

Medium clear square rubber feet

For the back of picture frames and hung mirrors

Medium clear square rubber feet

Medium black square rubber feet

Large black square rubber feet