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Get ready to talk to your gadgets

Google has many things always in the development stages so that they will remain at the forefront of action for internet users and smart phone users. Expectations are high that gadgets in the future will have voice-interface so that users can command different devices verbally. Talking to gadgets will be possible and Google is making sure that it is a part of such breathtaking developments. Smartphones will be the mode for talking to these gadgets and Google is gearing up to provide the necessary Read more [...]

The Chromebook – the new standard for a $250 laptop?

We have been anxiously awaiting the release of the newest Chromebook.  After reading about the larger Chromebook 550 last year, we wondered if this smaller version might be the answer to our 'bigger than a tablet and netbook' and 'better for travel than a laptop' needs. With it's smaller memory (16GB - not expandable), you most certainly will be relying on the cloud (100GB free for 2 years from Google) to store your documents, music and images. This is not necessarily a drawback as you can Read more [...]

Great new Google feature: Handwrite your search!

Google has released a great new feature for mobile users - Handwrite. It takes just a few seconds to enable this feature on your mobile phone or tablet. Once enabled, using the tip of your finger or a stylus, you can handwrite the term you are searching anywhere on the Google home page. Even with pretty sloppy handwriting, Google's Handwrite is impressive at recognizing which letters you are handwriting on the search page. For most smart phones, this gives you three options to submit a Google search: Read more [...]

British Airways is Googling passengers – comforting or creep?

In an effort to increase personalized service, British Airways has introduced the ‘Know Me’ program which give airlines staff members the authority and the tools to search online for passenger information. Using iPads, staff members search through a list of that day’s passenger names for images on Google so that they can recognize them as they enter the airport or the plane. Their name is then used by the employees so that they are greeted and recognized personally. In addition to using Read more [...]

An alternative to buying an e-book reader: Google ebookstore

With its eyes firmly focused on the ebook market which is reportedly about $500 million in annual sales, Google has launched it's ebookstore. A fast look at the ebookstore appears to make it a smart alternative to buying proprietary e-readers and ebooks like Amazon's Kindle device.  At the beginning of 2010, Amazon held about 90% of the ebook market - a number that is estimated to drop to about 35% of the overall market in the next five years. What is special about Google's ebookstore? Purchasing Read more [...]

Rumor mill: Google to launch ‘Google Me’ – new social networking destination

The rumor stated when a high-profile blogger tweeted about a new platform. In spite of numerous past attempts and failures in the social networking space (remember Orkut or Buzz? Yeah, me either), it is rumored that Google Me is in the pipeline. The tweet soon disappeared from the blogger's Twitter stream reinforcing the idea that he might have been asked to pull it. The question is....was he right? Is there a new social platform on the horizon? Google has an excellent track record for introducing Read more [...]