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What is Industrial Connectivity?

Engineers include any component involved in the path of delivering control signals or power for doing useful work as part of industrial connectivity. Typically, components such as terminal blocks, connectors, motor starters, and relays are part of industrial connectivity. Engineers divide industrial connectors into four categories depending on the environments in which they operate—commercial, industrial, military, and hermetic. Commercial applications do not consider temperature and atmosphere Read more [...]

What Influences Industrial Connectivity?

In the industry, any component coming in the path of delivering control signals or power to do useful work is termed industrial connectivity. For instance, components including relays, motor starters, terminal blocks, and connectors are all typical connectivity components.

Generic connectors can use low-cost material as they merely maintain electrical continuity. However, based on operating environments, connectors are differentiated into four categories: hermetic, military, industrial, and commercial. Read more [...]