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What is Industrial Connectivity?

Engineers include any component involved in the path of delivering control signals or power for doing useful work as part of industrial connectivity. Typically, components such as terminal blocks, connectors, motor starters, and relays are part of industrial connectivity. Engineers divide industrial connectors into four categories depending on the environments in which they operate—commercial, industrial, military, and hermetic. Commercial applications do not consider temperature and atmosphere Read more [...]

Thermal Protection Prevents SSR Failure

Solid State Relays (SSR) are replacing conventional electromagnetic relays for load control applications in the industry, as they hold several advantages over the latter. However, SSRs often face overheating causing them to fail. Newer designs now come with integrated thermal protection that improves longevity, efficiency, and system safety by preventing overheating and failure of SSRs.
Machinery driven by large motors requires a system to switch off the power supply to the motor on sensing higher Read more [...]