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Are Biometrics Related To The Internet Of Things?

With the Internet of Things or IoT, users and developers can easily augment its functionality, since the IoT is designed to be extensible. Therefore, it is not a far-fetched expectation that the IoT is going to be all over the place and users will get all types of data from it. According to a recent study by the Biometrics Research Group, biometric sensors are being projected as the next big step in providing the necessary security for accessing that data. That is good news for the biometrics industry Read more [...]

How Are Brilliant Machines Created?

The IoT or the Internet of Things has one more feather in its cap. It has now conquered the industrial machine. With GE spearheading the initiative, the new type of industrial machines is aptly named Brilliant Machines. Although GE is pouring nearly $1.5 billion into the amalgamation of industrial internet and big data, their plan is rather simple. The industrial internet is actually the business version of the Internet of Things. Instead of people being interconnected, here machines talk to each Read more [...]

Managing wearable smart devices

Unless you are confined to an ICU without a choice, no one likes to have a bunch of wires and cables trailing from their body to a machine. What people rather prefer is a user-friendly aiding system capable of remotely monitoring the health. Whether you are in a gymnasium or in an outdoor environment, practicing some sport or doing single exercises, remote monitoring of health parameters is a safe and efficient routine to practice. This is also true for monitoring the health of the elderly and people Read more [...]