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Room Automation and Raspberry Pi

Most people prefer to come back to a cozy room after a full day's work. For many, this may not always be possible, unless someone turns on the AC at the right time. For those living alone, help is available in the form of a single board computer, the Raspberry Pi or the RBPi. In addition, the RBPi operates the blinds and you can control it from anywhere in the world – the RBPi is connected to the Internet. For this project, you will need an RBPi with a suitable SD card, a Wi-Fi dongle, a stepper Read more [...]

Raspberry Pi Can Open Your Garage Door from Anywhere

Using a Raspberry Pi, you can have a garage door that opens with a command from your smartphone. Additionally, if you are away from home, no matter how far, you can always keep a tab on whether your garage door is shut. The tiny, credit card sized single board computer, the Raspberry Pi or RBPi is used here as a small web server. The page served by this web server will give you a big red button when you access it via your favorite browser. Pressing the red button will trigger the garage door via Read more [...]

10 Things Your iPhone Can Remote Control

Among the estimated 50,000 iPhone apps, you can find quite a few that make your life easier by functioning as a remote control. After looking at many, we found that these were the 10 coolest things (mostly electronic) that you can remote control with your iPhone. Using the Pocket BLU app, you can control your Blu-Ray Discs for playback, pausing, etc With a Keynote remote and the iWork suite, you can remote control your presentations For $2.99, you can buy a PhotoKeys Photoshop app which gets Read more [...]