10 Things Your iPhone Can Remote Control

Among the estimated 50,000 iPhone apps, you can find quite a few that make your life easier by functioning as a remote control. After looking at many, we found that these were the 10 coolest things (mostly electronic) that you can remote control with your iPhone.

  • Using the Pocket BLU app, you can control your Blu-Ray Discs for playback, pausing, etc
  • With a Keynote remote and the iWork suite, you can remote control your presentations
  • For $2.99, you can buy a PhotoKeys Photoshop app which gets the Photoshop toolbar on your iPhone
  • The free Apple Remote app will allow you to remote control your iTunes Jukebox
  • Air Mouse Pro lets you convert your iPhone into a wireless trackpad and keyboard
  • Some DVRS like the ones from DirecTV, DISH Network and Comcast can be controlled with an iPhone app

  • Use the Zipcar app to book a rental car – then you can use your iPhone to make the horn beep or unlock the car
  • An app for Schlage LiNK allows you to use your iPhone to lock, unlock your doors, turn lights on, turn your security system on or off, etc
  • The L5 remote add-on will convert your iPhone into a universal remote control
  • iCarly fan? Get the “Sam’s Remote” app which turns your iPhone into the iCarly remote – complete with sound
  • The best app for the iPhone? How about “The Boyfriend Remote”…Increase his income, make him take you shoe shopping. Possibilities are endless.