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Raspberry Pi Zero Goes Wireless

The Raspberry Pi product line has added a new member, the Raspberry Pi Zero W (RBPiZW), an updated version of the RBPi Zero, with the added advantages on on-board Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability. Although the new RBPiZW lacks the Ethernet and full-sized USB-A ports, it is only a fraction of the size of its flagship brethren the RBPi, and less expensive as well. Almost identical to the RBPi Zero, the RBPiZW is twice as expensive, and boasts of a wireless chip supporting the 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi for Read more [...]

Comparing Wireless Standards 802.11ad & 802.11ah

Wireless LAN standards were first set up for serving the needs of laptops and PCs in homes and offices. These were IEEE 802.11a and b, and these later served to allow connectivity in different places such as in shopping malls, Internet cafes, hotels and airports. The main functionality of the standards was providing a wireless link to a wired broadband connection for email and Web browsing. Initially, speed of the broadband being a limited factor, a relatively slow wireless connection was enough. Read more [...]

The future of medical monitoring: Temporary tattoos in place of electrodes and wires

If you've ever had an EEG, you'll remember all the preparation that was required to get you hooked up properly to the monitoring device. There was sticky gel and tape and those pesky electrodes. According to the journal "Science", researchers have developed a patch which bends, wrinkles and stretches like skin. The patch would be applied to the body like a temporary tattoo and would contain the electronic components necessary for sensing, communications and relaying information from the body to a Read more [...]

Wired or wireless or both: What is best for small businesses?

Whether you are updating your office's networking component needs or starting from scratch, there are many things to think about when you are considering wired vs wireless. For starters, ask yourself: How many people are on your network? How about in 2 years? How long will this system be in place? (any moves planned within 2 years?) How fast does the network/internet access need to be right now? How about in 2 years? What kind of files have to be moved across your network Read more [...]