Screw-on rubber feet – newly expanded product line!

recessed bumpersWe’re listening! You requested a bigger selection, we got them! West Florida Components has now expanded their line of recessed bumpers. Recessed bumpers are also known as screw-on rubber feet and cabinet feet.

The rubber feet can be used in a variety of applications from electronic equipment to woodworking or carpentry and furniture. Where ever you require a rubber foot with a screw, these new rubber feet can be used. Check the specs on each foot for the sizes, recommended screw size and weight rating for each foot.

West Florida Components now carries 11 different sizes and shapes – including the popular square feet and the traditional round feet. Both shapes accept different screw sizes and rivets because of the plated steel support bushings included in the recessed area of each foot.

All the cabinet feet are manufactured from thermoplastic rubber which provides excellent shock absorbingsquare cabinet feet qualities and traction as well as being a non-marking material. Thermoplastic rubber is traditionally molded from Monsanto Santoprene®. Santoprene® is a thermoplastic rubber designed to offer chemical resistance equivalent to neoprene and is resistant to a wide variety of solvents and chemicals.