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Goodbye breadboard! Hello Circuit Scribe!

Can you imagine using a rollerball pen and paper to create a fully functional circuit? That day is almost here. The Circuit Scribe works just like a regular ballpoint pen except that it is filled with a special non-toxic conductive silver ink that creates functional hand drawn circuits. The special conductive ink dries instantly. The Circuit Scribe will be a great tool for people who feel overwhelmed with learning about using an actual circuit board. It will also be a great tool for experienced Read more [...]

New product alert – solder guns and soldering irons now in stock!

We hope you're going to be just as excited as we are! West Florida Components is now carrying a line of solder guns and irons! You can choose from a battery operated 15W solder ironĀ  (perfect for marine repairs on in the field projects) all the way up to a 150W dual heat full featured gun. All the electric soldering irons and guns are proudly made in the USA by Wall Lenk Corporation and they are guaranteed for 5 full years. All of the soldering equipment can be used for a wide range of projects, Read more [...]

Make a 9V headlamp head flashlight

Here's an easy project that simple enough for electronic beginners, plus the supplies required are probably laying around your house or workshop. Could you buy the same thing for just a few dollars more? Sure you could, but you'd miss out on the satisfaction of assembling this project all by yourself. Here's what you need: 2 high intensity white LEDS (you can use other colors if desired) small perf board 2 470 ohm resistors toggle switch or slide switch 9V battery snap 9V battery small Read more [...]

What causes oxidation on surface mount pads?

Solder contacts must meet minimum contact rating specifications to effectively be used. But sometimes you'll begin to solder an electronic component to a board and realize that oxidation has occurred. Why does this happen? Typically, there are two reasons that oxidation occurs on boards. The main reason is improper storage and handling. Boards should be received from your supplier in a vacuum pack, which would render them clean and ready to accept solder. Once the vacuum seal has been broken, Read more [...]

What Happens to Old Electronic Components and Boards?

We came across this blog post the other day and thought it was worth bringing here. Here's an excerpt: Yesterday I had the opportunity to shoot video in a facility that is the largest company in America that recycles the glass from electronics and computers. The men who own this company, built the machines that separate and break up the glass, themselves. Electronic products and computers are torn apart. The plastics are sold to one vendor while the electronics and circuit boards are sold Read more [...]