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Double-Sided Cooling for MOSFETs

Emission regulations for the automotive industry are increasingly tightening. To meet these demands, the industry is moving rapidly towards the electrification of vehicles. Primarily, they are making use of batteries and electric motors for the purpose. However, they also must use power electronics for controlling the performance of hybrid and electric vehicles. In this context, European companies are leading the way with their innovative technologies. This is especially so in the development Read more [...]

What Are Super-Junction MOSFETs?

Switching power-conversion systems such as switching power supplies and power factor controllers increasingly demand higher energy efficiencies. For such energy-conscious designers, super-junction MOSFETs are a favored solution, as the technology allows smaller die sizes when considering key parameters such as on-resistance. This leads to an increase in current density while enabling designers to reduce circuit size. With increasing market adoption of this new technology goes up, other challenges Read more [...]

Using eGaN FETs in Wireless Power Transfer Systems

Highly resonant wireless power transfer systems such as the A4WP use loosely coupled coils operating at the standard 6.68 MHz or 13.56 MHz unlicensed industrial, scientific and medical ISM bands. The popularity of such wireless energy transfer is increasing over the last few years specifically for applications targeting charging of portable devices. Usually, such solutions for wireless energy transfer for portable devices demand features such as lightweight, high efficiency, low profile and robustness Read more [...]