Monthly Archives: April 2010

OPA111BM and other hard to find parts

"I was so happy to find that you had Burr Brown OPA111BM in stock!" or "I've been looking for that Air Variable Capacitor for months! Can you get more of them?" We get these comments a lot from our customers. West Florida Components started out selling surplus electronics before selling both obsolete and new-from-factory parts, and we made a name for ourselves by sourcing hard to get and out of production parts. Over the years, we've kept looking for the surplus parts because our customers Read more [...]

Converting dimensions from fractions to metric to decimal

We Americans are so used to seeing decimals or fractions for measurements that it's not been easy for us to adapt to the metric system. Unfortunately, the industry standard sizes of most electronic components are provided in datasheets and descriptions as metric equivalents. Need to convert a fraction or decimal to the metric system easily? Here is a decimal to fraction to millimeter conversion chart that will make that task easy for you. If you want to convert a number more precisely, use this Read more [...]

No Flash on the iPad? No problem!

Yes - there are a few key things missing from the newly released iPad...besides our number one gripe that USB plugs aren't so universal when it comes to the iPad...the chief complaint we've heard about the iPad is that you can't view sites that require support for Adobe Flash. No worries! Here are 5 sites that don't require flash to be able to view their video content: - With their adoption of HTML5, you are now able to browse videos on YouTube with Apple products. Read more [...]

Screw-on rubber feet – newly expanded product line!

We're listening! You requested a bigger selection, we got them! West Florida Components has now expanded their line of recessed bumpers. Recessed bumpers are also known as screw-on rubber feet and cabinet feet. The rubber feet can be used in a variety of applications from electronic equipment to woodworking or carpentry and furniture. Where ever you require a rubber foot with a screw, these new rubber feet can be used. Check the specs on each foot for the sizes, recommended screw size and weight Read more [...]