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Magneto resistive random access technology (MRAM) for better memory storage

Technologists researching at the laboratories of the National University of Singapore in the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering have developed a new technology that will help in enhancing storing information in electronic systems in a better and more durable manner. Called Magneto Resistive Random Access Technology, this innovative method increases the storage space considerably and ensures that all fresh data will remain intact, even when there is a power failure. The team of researchers, led by Dr. Yang Hyunsoo, has filed for a provisional patent in the USA. They claim that the development will bring about a structure that will be of use to MRAM chips of the next generation.

This innovative method of storing information has a very wide field of application. All devices in the field of electronics such as Personal computers, laptops, mobile phones and all mobile devices will benefit from this unique technology. Data storage is required in various fields of activity such as in transportation, avionics, military, robotics, industrial motor controls, management of energy and power. Another major user is electronic equipment for health care.

According to Dr. Yang, the new technology will increase storage space, and enhance the memory. According to him, computers, laptops, etc., do not need booting up and there is no necessity for using the “Save” key regularly. Fresh data is not deleted even when there is a stoppage of power, unlike the current DRAMs in use. What is of greater significance is the memory will last for a minimum of 20 years and maybe for an even longer period. Compare this to the present method of storing information, which gives the user only about a year of stored data. One of the best uses is in the case of mobile phones. According to Dr. Yang, “we usually need to charge them daily. Using our new technology we may need to charge them on a weekly basis.” This will be a substantial cost-saver.

MRAM, the new technology, enables data to be retrieved even if the equipment concerned is not powered up. Additionally, MRAM consumes low power and has high bit density. The new technology is expected to bring about a sea of changes in computer architecture. Manufacturers will find it easier to use MRAM as flash memory can be dispensed with. That will also help in bringing down the cost substantially. The success of MRAM has induced major semiconductor manufacturers like Intel, IBM, Samsung and Toshiba to conduct further research.

Currently, MRAM uses technology based on current induced magnetization in a horizontal plane. It requires ultra-thin ferromagnetic structures, less than 1 nanometer, which are difficult to manufacture, has low reliability and the retention period is less than a year. The NUS team collaborating with Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah University of Science and Technology has developed a multi-layer magnetic structure of 20-nanometer thickness. It effectively provides a film structure that helps in the storage of information and data for at least 20 years. The team is looking for collaboration with the industry.

New radial electrolytic capacitor assortment available!

Radial Electrolytic Capacitor Assortment

Radial Electrolytic Capacitor Assortment

By popular request we’ve added an additional radial electrolytic capacitor assortment to our lineup of available products. Like our other capacitor kits, this assortment has a big range of capacitances and voltages supported. And like our other assortments, every value is individually bagged and labeled.

But here’s where this kit differs from our other previous kits – we are now able to provide a list of manufacturers and temperature ratings for this assortment so you can be sure that the capacitors in this assortment meet your needs. We’ve designed this assortment to be perfect for anyone’s workbench or ideal in a classroom setting.

Capacitor values range from 0.22uF 50V to 6800uF 10V. There are about 245 radial electrolytic capacitors included spanning 27 different values. Some of the included manufacturers are Taicon, Paccom, Sprague, NIC, Nippon, Marcon and Panasonic.

Box Capacitors – so many in one place!

We’ve been very busy expanding another category for you: Box Capacitors.  Now in stock and ready to ship are more than 60 different values of box capacitors. In general, box caps are constructed of polyester film or metallized polypropylene. Some of the more popular manufacturers are Wima, Mallory and Philips.

In addition, (and somewhat related), we’ve greatly expanded our suppression and safety capacitor category. Between both categories, there are almost 75 new products added this week alone! Look for quantity discount pricing on almost all of the capacitors.

And, as always, we do not require a minimum purchase and our first class mail shipping rates are still a very reasonable $3.50 for all US purchases up to $15.00.

What are breadboards?

Plastic BreadboardBreadboards are a simple solution for circuit building, especially when you need to prototype or test a circuit. Constructed of plastic, a solderless breadboard contains hundreds of spring-loaded connection sockets (also called tie points) which connect the leads for through-hole electronic components and 22 AWG wire to form an electronic circuit. One key feature of breadboards is that they require no solder to connect your components making testing or prototyping a circuit very quick and painless.

How do breadboards work?

A breadboard is constructed on hundreds of holes arranged in vertical and horizontal rows. The outer rows which run lengthwise across the circuit board are generally reserved for the circuit’s power supply. The interior rows of holes are where the electronic components are inserted. Each row of holes forms a node; that is, any components that reside on the same node will be connected when they are inserted into a hole in that same row, or node. This is because under each row is a copper plate that connects the holes to each other.

Screw-on rubber feet – newly expanded product line!

recessed bumpersWe’re listening! You requested a bigger selection, we got them! West Florida Components has now expanded their line of recessed bumpers. Recessed bumpers are also known as screw-on rubber feet and cabinet feet.

The rubber feet can be used in a variety of applications from electronic equipment to woodworking or carpentry and furniture. Where ever you require a rubber foot with a screw, these new rubber feet can be used. Check the specs on each foot for the sizes, recommended screw size and weight rating for each foot.

West Florida Components now carries 11 different sizes and shapes – including the popular square feet and the traditional round feet. Both shapes accept different screw sizes and rivets because of the plated steel support bushings included in the recessed area of each foot.

All the cabinet feet are manufactured from thermoplastic rubber which provides excellent shock absorbingsquare cabinet feet qualities and traction as well as being a non-marking material. Thermoplastic rubber is traditionally molded from Monsanto Santoprene®. Santoprene® is a thermoplastic rubber designed to offer chemical resistance equivalent to neoprene and is resistant to a wide variety of solvents and chemicals.