Monthly Archives: April 2012

Solder Sucker for Desoldering – New product alert!

We're always adding new electronic components, parts and supplies to our inventory. This week, one of our new products is a solder sucker, which is a 'must have' for anyone that works with electronics and solder. Crafted in Germany by Amax, this solder sucker is a pump style solder remover. Use it on heated solder to remove the solder from your boards and components. It comes in the original manufacturer's packaging with instructions for the use and care of your solder sucker. Here are some Read more [...]

What’s inside an Apple iPhone 4S?

We are always amazed when we see the complete list of components and parts that are in some of today's smartphones. Besides being the 'latest and the greatest' as far as technology goes, the parts are also getting smaller with every iteration and release. Take, for example, the Apple iPhone 4S. Looking beyond the plastic enclosures, the LCD screens and the cameras, there are hundreds of surface mount board level components needed to build just one iPhone 4S including capacitors, transistors, diodes, Read more [...]