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New radial electrolytic capacitor assortment available!

By popular request we've added an additional radial electrolytic capacitor assortment to our lineup of available products. Like our other capacitor kits, this assortment has a big range of capacitances and voltages supported. And like our other assortments, every value is individually bagged and labeled. But here's where this kit differs from our other previous kits - we are now able to provide a list of manufacturers and temperature ratings for this assortment so you can be sure that the Read more [...]

The Chromebook – the new standard for a $250 laptop?

We have been anxiously awaiting the release of the newest Chromebook.  After reading about the larger Chromebook 550 last year, we wondered if this smaller version might be the answer to our 'bigger than a tablet and netbook' and 'better for travel than a laptop' needs. With it's smaller memory (16GB - not expandable), you most certainly will be relying on the cloud (100GB free for 2 years from Google) to store your documents, music and images. This is not necessarily a drawback as you can Read more [...]

Self-adhesive mini LED flashlight by Thumb-lite now available!

This is an amazingly handy little light - thin enough to use on your house key or car key. Think of it as a stick-on LED! The Thumb-Lite’s compact design makes it easy to turn anything into a flashlight. Whether you use it for unlocking a car door or finding something dropped in the dark, the Thumb-lite is a convenient way to provide extra light when needed. What makes this stand out from the other tiny LED lights is that the Thumb-lite can be used effortlessly with one hand. Pressing the button Read more [...]

Water Resistant Extension Cord Covers – who doesn’t need one of these?

We've added over 100 new products in May, but this one is a company favorite: Extension Cord Safety Seal - Water Resistant Extension Cord Cover. Here's how it works...you plug your (indoor or outdoor) equipment into an extension cord and place the connections into the water resistant cord cover. Snap the cover into the closed position and your connections are secure. The patented seals keep moisture out and your plugs safely connected. Also great for keeping extension cord connections away from Read more [...]

Solder Sucker for Desoldering – New product alert!

We're always adding new electronic components, parts and supplies to our inventory. This week, one of our new products is a solder sucker, which is a 'must have' for anyone that works with electronics and solder. Crafted in Germany by Amax, this solder sucker is a pump style solder remover. Use it on heated solder to remove the solder from your boards and components. It comes in the original manufacturer's packaging with instructions for the use and care of your solder sucker. Here are some Read more [...]