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Anti-static electronic component storage bins!

Great deal alert! We're parting with some of our static dissipative stacking bins - taking them out of service in our warehouse. There's still plenty of life available in these bins so grab them while you can at 60% off the price of new bins. The bins are perfect for storing all your sensitive electronic components and supplies. Also ideal for a warehouse environment where you need some ESD protection. Here are the larger size bins: Large Anti-Static Stacking Bin And here are the medium Read more [...]

New radial electrolytic capacitor assortment available!

By popular request we've added an additional radial electrolytic capacitor assortment to our lineup of available products. Like our other capacitor kits, this assortment has a big range of capacitances and voltages supported. And like our other assortments, every value is individually bagged and labeled. But here's where this kit differs from our other previous kits - we are now able to provide a list of manufacturers and temperature ratings for this assortment so you can be sure that the Read more [...]

The Chromebook – the new standard for a $250 laptop?

We have been anxiously awaiting the release of the newest Chromebook.  After reading about the larger Chromebook 550 last year, we wondered if this smaller version might be the answer to our 'bigger than a tablet and netbook' and 'better for travel than a laptop' needs. With it's smaller memory (16GB - not expandable), you most certainly will be relying on the cloud (100GB free for 2 years from Google) to store your documents, music and images. This is not necessarily a drawback as you can Read more [...]

Solar powered LED light in a jar

We love finding products that make great use of solar electricity and our electronic components. How about a solar powered LED light in a mason jar? Perfect for your backyard porch or for mood lighting at a party - or even as a night light in your bathroom, bedroom or kitchen! The ones we found at MyGrillfriend.com give you a choice - it can be a soft deep orange colored light (referred to as a 'sun jar') or a beautiful shade of blue (called a 'moon jar') just by flipping a switch. The solar panel Read more [...]

Water Resistant Extension Cord Covers – who doesn’t need one of these?

We've added over 100 new products in May, but this one is a company favorite: Extension Cord Safety Seal - Water Resistant Extension Cord Cover. Here's how it works...you plug your (indoor or outdoor) equipment into an extension cord and place the connections into the water resistant cord cover. Snap the cover into the closed position and your connections are secure. The patented seals keep moisture out and your plugs safely connected. Also great for keeping extension cord connections away from Read more [...]

Great deal on copper plated circuit boards!

Ready to do some circuit work? Have any new projects that you need perf boards for? We received a shipment of copper plated circuit boards that are 'nearly perfect' - that is to say that they are identical to the regular perf boards that we normally stock except that they were poorly scored and separated by the manufacturer resulting in some unusable mounting holes. We're selling them in batches of 10 for $5.00. That's only $0.50 for each perf board. It's a great deal and they won't last at that Read more [...]

Cyber Monday deal: $24.99 to supercharge your laptop performance

We know there are tons of great deals out there today on Cyber Monday but we wanted to pass this one on to all our customers: Get 8GB 204 Pin DDR3 1333 RAM Laptop Memory by G.SKILL for $24.99 including shipping! If you have a laptop running 2 - 4GB of RAM right now, you can really give your notebook computer a major boost in performance. Important: This will work only if you are currently running the 64-bit OS version of Windows - don't waste your time if you are only running a 32-bit version. Read more [...]

Great deal alert: 16GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive for $14.29 shipped after rebate

We always need thumb drives - they are indispensable at our workplace and at home. Here's a great deal on a plug and play 16GB flash drive with the latest technology for super fast data transfers. You can purchase this Corsair brand flash drive at NewEgg for $26.99 but by using coupon code EMCKCHH22 at checkout, and combined with free shipping and a $10 VISA rebate card, the bottom line price for this 16GB USB 3.0 flash drive comes in at $14.29. Besides being plug and play, this USB flash drive Read more [...]

Great deal: $349 for new laptops for travel or office

Need a small and thin laptop for travel? How about a larger 15.6" dual core for the home office? You can buy either right now for $349. The lighter and smaller notebook computer is currently available from Dell is a Vostro V13. Some of the features and specifications are: 2.0GB, DDR3-1066MHz SDRAM, 1 DIMM320GB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium, with Media, 32-bit, English Microsoft® Office Starter Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor ULV SU7300 (3M Cache, 1.30 GHz, 800 Read more [...]

Macbook users: FREE software to track a stolen Macbook

Every once in a while a great piece of software comes across our desks here at West Florida Components....and today we found an excellent way to recover your Macbook or iMac should it ever be stolen. It is an ingenious piece of software. Download Hidden, and it can track your Macbook or iMac, show you where it is and who has it. When you activate the tracking, Hidden will locate your stolen computer anywhere in the world, take pictures of the thief using the computer (via webcam!) and also provide Read more [...]