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Make a coin battery – great electronics project for kids!

What better way to illustrate how to build a basic electronic connection than to use coins to build a battery? Here's what you need: quarters or dimes aluminum foil blotter paper (see below) salt cider vinegar wire (short length of both black and red wire - ~16 gauge) 1 LED (any through hole LED) scissors pen or marker voltmeter (optional) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Trace the coins on the aluminum foil and blotter paper. Cut out 10 of each so that you have 10 circles Read more [...]

Custom Console Stereo

For those of you wanting to hear just how good a custom built vacuum tube amp or console stereo will sound, here's a video from Steve at Custom Tube Art which shows the workmanship of his projects and the quality of the sound. Steve had this to say about his latest project: Here is a 1960's style custom console stereo I built displaying the vacuum tube amplifier right next to the Garrard type A turntable. The 807 tube amplifier has a conservative output of 30 watts per channel and uses 6SN7 and Read more [...]