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A relay refers to a device used in electrical or electronic circuits for the protection of devices connected to these circuits. It is a critical device and is referred to as a silent sentinel. One of its popular functions is to connect or disconnect the device from the mains circuit. In power circuits, the primary device protects the circuit and the equipment connected to it from overloads, short circuits, earthing and surges due to either switching or lightening.

Earlier relays were electromechanical in construction. They have now been replaced by static relays. Miniature versions are commonly used in communication and computer circuits.

0.5A 5V PCB Mount Relay T85N11D114-05

Our Price: $6.00

100mA 350V Dual Single Pole OptoMOS Relay Clare

Our Price: $2.75

10A 110V PCB Mount Relay Omron LY2-0

Our Price: $6.50

10A 12V Subminiature High Power Relay HF3FF⁄012-1ZST Hongfa

Our Price: $1.25

10A 24V 3PDT Power Relay Potter Brumfield KUP14D15-24

Our Price: $8.75

10A 24VAC DPDT Cube Relay CIT J1522CT24VAC

Our Price: $5.00

10A Relay Socket R-10 Series Tyco P and B 27E212

Our Price: $1.25

12 VDC PCB Mount Relay Aromat TW2E-12V-H10

Our Price: $3.69

12.5mA 12V Low Signal Relay Omron G5V-1-DC12

Our Price: $1.90

120mA 350V 35 ohm 1-Form-A Relay Clare TS117P

Our Price: $2.30

120mA 350V 35 ohm 1-Form-A Relay TS117 Clare

Our Price: $2.30

120mA 350V Common Input OptoMOS Relay LCC110 CP Clare

Our Price: $3.25

120mA 350V Solid State OptoMOS Relay LBB110

Our Price: $3.66

12A 9VDC SPDT Relay CIT J107F1CS129VDC.36

Our Price: $3.25

12V 0.25W PCB Mount Relay DJ1U DJ1U 12V TV-5

Our Price: $11.50

12V High Current Automotive Relays SPST G8HE-1A7T-R1-DC12 Omron

Our Price: $9.25

13A 24VDC Coil Relay Deltrol Controls DPDT 20939-82

Our Price: $16.69

15A 12V Potter and Brumfield Ice Cube Relay K10P-11D55-12

Our Price: $5.85

15A 9VDC SPDT Relay CIT J107F1CS159VDC.45

Our Price: $4.00

16A 380V Schrack Relay RM102615

Our Price: $9.99

170mA 250V Common Input OptoMOS Relay LCC120 CP Clare

Our Price: $3.25

1A 12V Surface Mount Relay CIT J850SM2CS12VDC

Our Price: $2.00

1A 250V Gordos Relay Input Output Module MODC5A M0DC5A

Our Price: $11.59

1A 5V Surface Mount Relay CIT J850SM2CS5VDC

Our Price: $2.00

2.0A 12V Low Signal PCB Mount Relay G6S-2F Omron

Our Price: $4.50

2.0A 4.5V Surface Mount Signal Relay NEC EE2-4.5TNUX-L

Our Price: $3.00

20A 24VDC SPDT Relay CIT A11CCQ24VDC1.5

Our Price: $3.00


Our Price: $5.00

20A 120VAC Omron Relay G2J-4412 TUS

Our Price: $49.40

20A 9V Sealed Relay SPDT CIT J107F1CS209VDC.80

Our Price: $4.00

210-2403A Relay Switch Type 210 Military C.P. Clare

Our Price: $50.00

25A 24VDC Relay SPST CIT A11ASQ24VDC1.2

Our Price: $3.00

25A 28V Mid-Range Military Aerospace Relay MSD FCA-125-CX4

Our Price: $80.00

25A 28VDC General Purpose Industrial Control Relay Song Chuan 897-1AH-S1

Our Price: $4.00

28.1mA 5V PCB Mount Relay G6H-2F

Our Price: $7.70

2A 120VAC 24VDC General Purpose Relay KHAU-17D13-24 P & B

Our Price: $25.50

2A 12V Sub Miniature Light Duty Relay FRT2S

Our Price: $2.00

2A 15VDC 60W Relay CIT J8602CS15VDC

Our Price: $3.00

2A 24V PCB Mount Relay R40-11D2-24

Our Price: $3.75

2A 3V Low Signal PCB Mount Relay Omron G6S-2F-TR

Our Price: $1.90

2A 4.5V DPDT Surface Mount Relay Omron G6S-2G

Our Price: $4.25

2A 5V PCB Mount Relay R50-E2Y1-5

Our Price: $16.50

30A 9VDC SPST Relay PCB Mount CIT J115F21B9VDCS.9

Our Price: $6.00

3A 120Vac Miniature PC Board Mount Relay AZ8-1C-9DE

Our Price: $1.50

3A 3VDC SPST N.O. Relay CIT J1021AS33VDC.20

Our Price: $3.00

4.5V Miniature SMT Relay EB2-4.5TNF EB2-4.5 TNF NEC

Our Price: $2.50

40A 12V SPDT Auto Relay Prolink SPDT40P

Our Price: $2.49

40A 240VAC 6.0VDC Relay CIT WJ115F31A6VDCS.6

Our Price: $4.25

40A 240VAC Relay CIT WJ115F31A240VACS

Our Price: $4.25

40A 24V SPST N.O. Relay UL Approved CIT J115F11A24VDCS.9

Our Price: $5.00


Our Price: $2.75


Our Price: $2.75

40A 6V Relay CIT A2M1CCQ6VDC1.6

Our Price: $2.75

40A 6V SPST Relay N.O. CIT J115F21AL6VDCS.6

Our Price: $4.25

40A 9VDC SPST Relay Normally Open CIT J115F21A9VDCS.6

Our Price: $6.00

50A 600VAC Relay Arrow ACC430 8047

Our Price: $87.99

5A 110VAC 4PDT Relay CIT J1524CT110VAC

Our Price: $5.00

5A 12V PCB Mount Power Relay G2R-24

Our Price: $3.20

5A 12V PCB Mount Relay Omron G5L-1114P-PS

Our Price: $4.00

5A 12V PCB Relay Omron G5PA-1-2

Our Price: $3.39

5A 12VDC SPST Relay Normally Open CIT WJ1051A12VDC.45

Our Price: $3.00

5A 22VDC Omron Power PCB Relay G2R-24-T130

Our Price: $7.25

5A 24V Relay NAIS DSP2A-DC24V

Our Price: $5.49

5A 24VDC Sealed SPDT Relay CIT WJ1021CS524VDC.45

Our Price: $3.00

5A 26.5V Crystal Can Relay 2BN-3A-126

Our Price: $20.00

5A 5V Surface Mount Relay Tyco Axicom V23079-F1101-B301

Our Price: $3.15

5A 9VDC PCB Mount Relay CIT WJ1051C9VDC.45

Our Price: $3.00

60A 24VDC Relay CIT A31CSQ24VDC1R

Our Price: $3.25

6A 24V PCB Mount Relay CIT WJ109F1CS624VDC.45

Our Price: $4.00

6A 3VDC DPDT Relay PCB Mount CIT WJ0982CS3VDC.60

Our Price: $4.50

70A 24V SPST N.O. Relay CIT A81ASQ24VDC1.6R

Our Price: $4.00

750mA 60V 0.7ohm Solid State Relay HP HSSR-8060

Our Price: $9.25

7A 240VAC 12VDC SPDT Relay CIT J1071CS12VDC.36E

Our Price: $5.00

80mA 5V Miniature Relay Aromat DS2E-ML-DC5V

Our Price: $3.25

8A 48V Schrack Relay V23061-B1009-A401 3-1393223-8

Our Price: $3.25

8A 8.0A 5V Power Relay Miniature DSP2A-DC5V

Our Price: $6.99

9kV Jennings Relay Military RF62D-26S M83725-16-004

Our Price: $250.00

A425BXX1869W Power Relay Magnecraft

Our Price: $77.25

AZ2150-1A-6DE 30A 277VAC Miniature Power Relay American Zettler

Our Price: $2.40

BD2A05D 1.5A 5V DIP Reed Relay with Diode American Relays

Our Price: $3.75

G8ND-27SR 12VDC Ultra Miniature Relay Omron

Our Price: $15.00

LAA110 Dual Pole OptoMOS Relay CP Clare

Our Price: $3.20

LAA110P 120mA OptoMOS Relay CP Clare

Our Price: $2.85

LAA115 MosFET Switch Relay CP Clare

Our Price: $3.50

LAA117 MosFET Switch Relay CP Clare

Our Price: $5.49

LAA120P Dual Pole OptoMOS Relay CP Clare

Our Price: $2.50

LBA140P Dual Pole OptoMOS Relay Clare

Our Price: $11.30

LCA710 Single Pole OptoMOS Relay CP Clare

Our Price: $5.50

LCB127 Single Pole OptoMOS Relay CP Clare

Our Price: $2.35

MRB10347 Relay CP Clare

Our Price: $1.00

RP810012 12V Schrack Power PCB Relay RP II-1

Our Price: $3.50

Relay Socket PC Board Back-Connecting Omron PT08-0

Our Price: $1.50

Relay Socket Pre-Wired Mini Giant 1 Ft

Our Price: $2.99

TF2SA-5V 1A 5V General Purpose Relay

Our Price: $25.75

TS120 120mA 350V SSR Relay Telecom Switch Clare

Our Price: $2.00

XCA170 Single Pole OptoMOS Relay CP Clare

Our Price: $2.10

12V SPDT Automotive Relay PCB Mount ET1-B3M1S NEC

Our Price: $2.10

25A 12V 225 ohm Twin Automotive Relay NEC EP2-B3N1S

Our Price: $10.00

25A 12V Electromagnetic Automotive Relay NEC ET2-B3M1S

Our Price: $4.50

20A 12V Miniature Automotive Relay NAIS/Panasonic ACJ2112

Our Price: $3.00

15A 24V 268 DPDT Coil Relay Covered Deltrol Controls 22795-72

Our Price: $16.69

10A 28VDC 4PDT Non-Latching Relay MIL M400-D4N-003 Leach

Our Price: $49.00

14.7mA 26.5V Military Transistor Relay High Generation J1MAPT-26XM M28776

Our Price: $100.00

12VDC 160 Ohm Automotive Relay Taiko HTB1-160-12VDC

Our Price: $2.25

7V Twin Automotive Relay PCB Mount NEC EP2-N20

Our Price: $10.00

Automotive PCB Relay for BMW GM3 Tyco V23072-C1061-A309

Our Price: $10.00

JM39016/7-007L J411-12WL SPDT Basic Relay MIL Teledyne

Our Price: $60.00

16A 230VAC PCB Power Relay Omron G2R-1-E-230VAC

Our Price: $8.00

5A 12-280VAC Solid State Relay SSR 4 Pin SIP Crydom CX240D5

Our Price: $12.75

25A 3V to 32V Solid State Relay MGR-1 D4825 Mager

Our Price: $45.00

0.5A 12V Dry Reed Relay with Cover TE Connectivity OMR-C-112H

Our Price: $2.00

10A 250VAC Miniature Power Relay Sanyou SME-2110AT1

Our Price: $7.00